ryan`s facebook updates. both taken in dublin, ireland.

D-Trix answers a question..
  • Girl: You and your wife..
  • D-Trix: ehh, i don't wanna get married..
  • Girl: Okay, You and your soulmate,...
  • D-Trix: Okay, there it is!!
  • Girl: You and the girl you're destined to be with, she's pregnant with a baby.
  • D-Trix: Oooh. (scrunched up face here)
  • Girl: ..and you guys are like 5 months into the pregnancy.. when you find out there's a HUGE complication.. where either the baby dies and your soul mate lives; or the baby lives and your soul mate dies. And your soul mate is like: I don't care what happens, you choose. What would you choose?
  • D-Trix: I'd rather die. I don't wanna experience anything that happens. I have to choose one?
  • ~slight pause~
  • D-Trix: How old are we? How old are me and my wife? If we're like a hundred and 'bout to die then I'd just say seeya later wife.
  • Girl: W-whatever age you think you'd get a..
  • D-Trix: Easy! Okay, so my wife's pregnant and she's ninety..
  • Girl: No, but you cannot have a baby ever again.. like say thirty-something.. mid thirties? mid, late?
  • ~another slight pause~
  • D-Trix: Aww, Well.. I think the key question here is.. What came first? The chicken or the egg? (girls giggle) When you figure that out, I'll have my answer..


they are so cute :3